Hello and welcome!

Hello, I am Tamaran. I play world of warcraft on the realm silver hand. I like fudge, cookies, anything that has gears or pulleys or wheels or flywheels. so, i am starting a blog on wow hunters. because i like the class. a lot. i have a trusty silthed named skitterbug, a merceneer’s chopper, a turbo charged flying machine, see a resemblance yet? so anyway, bull up a chair, email me, or anything of the sort! and don’t forget the fudge. and no, it wont disappear. *shifty eyes*


About me!

Hi! *waves* Im Tamaran. I play a hunter on silver hand in World of Warcraft. I like hunters and pets, and fudge.
so pull up a chair, and lets talk! Oh and if you want to contact me, my new blog email is tamarenslair@gmail.com

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